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Working Downtown Make the right choice

Business Is Booming

Today, with the development of major projects, an increase in cruise ship and tourist visits to the city, and the opening of several new hotels, it seems business in downtown is booming.

Thus, however you choose to work downtown, you’re making the right decision. Our members can attest to that, and they work hard to ensure things continue to improve.

Current Projects

Convention Centre Expansion

This $60 million expansion will double the capacity of the Convention Centre, expand westward, and create a direct link to the St. John’s Delta Hotel, giving 100,000 square feet under one roof. With 45,000 square feet of divisible meeting space; even more people can come here to share in the magic of our one-of-a-kind location.
For more information, please visit the St. John’s Convention Centre Website.

351 Water St.

This innovative six-storey, 168,000 square foot office tower will reside above prime retail and commercial space and will include a 445-car parkade (245 of which will be public parking spaces). Located in the heart of the city’s harbour front, on the first street in North America, the 351 project is also the first to be heated and cooled by sea water in Newfoundland and Labrador.
For more information, please visit their website.

Steele Hotel (JAG)

Adding to their already province-wide list of hotels, Steele Hotels is set to open a new hotel in downtown St. John’s that is sure to be of benefit to visitors, residents, and businesses alike.
For more information, please visit the Steele Hotel Website.

Metro Park on Duckworth St.

Located at 330 Duckworth Street, this new parking lot features over 400 indoor parking spaces with the majority being leased through MetroPark.
For more information, please visit their website.